Captain’s Chair – Partnering with the ConnectWise Ecosystem

If you’re already part of the ConnectWise ecosystem, you know how this suite of complementary solutions can streamline and automate your work as a managed service provider (MSP). In today’s competitive MSP market, however, it’s no longer enough to simply provide services to your client. Clients want to take a more active role in their relationship with a technology MSP, and they want increased levels of transparency from their service provider. How can you reinforce your role as a trusted partner to your clients and give them the visibility they want? The solution is simple: Harness the power of ConnectWise and put your clients in the Captain’s Chair.

What is Captain’s Chair?

Captain’s Chair is an industry-first proprietary software designed to solve one of the most common causes of client frustration – the “black box” of outsourced IT. MSP’s sell Captain’s Chair to generate additional recurring revenue, reduce client churn and have the ability to work with larger, more lucrative clients. The platform presents a summary of information for clients on all aspects of their IT environment: tickets, backups, servers, network elements, websites and applications. In addition, the application also provides at-a-glance information on assets such as workstations, servers and subscriptions. Clients can also view quotes, reports and roadmaps that will help drive digital transformation.

The ConnectWise Connection

For ConnectWise users, Captain’s Chair is a natural partner. The platform pulls its information from multiple ConnectWise products, including:
• ConnectWise Manage: This Professional Services Automation tool can transform an organization’s help desk, automating tasks and keeping the flow of communication going. Through Manage, Captain’s Chair pulls information so clients can view the status of tickets, assets and warranty information at a glance to set their mind at ease. Going forward, Captain’s Chair will include additional features from the Manage product, including one that allows clients to see the status of project tickets.
• ConnectWise Automate: With this remote monitoring management tool, agents are deployed on all servers and workstations. The tool reports the health status for each device; using this information, the dashboard can generate automatic alerts when a device has issues or requires proactive maintenance. Through Automate, Captain’s Chair pulls information related to on-premise servers and workstations to give clients the ability to see the health status along with any downtime or trouble history.

Additional integrations are planned for other tools within the ecosystem, including ConnectWise Sell, which streamlines the proposal process and automates billing and collections.

Driving Digital Transformation

It’s clear that ConnectWise can help MSPs streamline their processes and create efficiencies. With Captain’s Chair, you can embrace the role of a next-gen MSP, offering clients complete visibility, transparency and accountability. Take advantage of the synergy between these two powerful platforms, and help your clients drive their digital transformation.

The True Cost of Client Churn

Your clients are your MSP business’s most valuable assets, and lost clients can impact your business in a big way. If you’re not tracking these critical client-related metrics, there’s no better time to start:


  • Lifetime Value of a Client: This value can be calculated by averaging the number of months that you have a client and multiplying that number by their MRR (monthly recurring revenue).
  • Client Acquisition Cost: You can establish this value by examining the current cost of your sales and marketing teams and any campaigns designed to drive new business. Take these costs and divide the total by the number of clients that have been acquired in a given timeframe.
  • Client Churn Rates: This value can be defined as the loss of clients or reduction of services over a given period of time.


High churn rates reduce customer ‘lifetime value’; even worse, they drive up the cost of customer acquisition due to the need to replace lost customers. The result is less profit for your business and a negative impact on your bottom line.


As an MSP, what can you do to reduce churn rates?


  • Make your value visible
  • Improve client experience
  • Track client satisfaction


At Captain’s Chair, we’re working to make these areas of improvement as seamless as possible for our MSP partners. The Captain’s Chair platform provides clients with two of the most important factors in a successful ongoing relationship with your business: transparency and communication. When you keep the lines of communication open with your clients and provide the visibility and transparency they need to feel informed, you’ll stand out in the competitive MSP market. Put your clients in the Captain’s Chair to reduce your churn rates and help them achieve their digital transformation.